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Sara Lynn Hall

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About Me and the Site
Okay, well.. My name is Sara and it starts like this.. I don't have a job. So now I look for jobs online since I have circumstances that lead me to restrictions on jobs and I try to go within those restrictions such as having a vehicle, but as jobs alone are already are limited at the present time- it only makes it harder. So, I decided to look for jobs online, and I have found some then I started doing online surveys and like everything- some are good, some are not (obviously I'll be posting the good rather than the bad on here). After doing surveys, which I still continue I started finding freebies and when I found 1 freebie- it possessed me to look for more, which I did and I have found a lot and continue to search for more.  Now here I am, I like to help people and the easiest way to do that is just linking a site where all the information is provided.  I hope this site will help you and benefit you a lot. I'll try to keep updating it as much as I know there's an update to be added! There's also a "Donate" button below, feel free to donate any amount, not required to do so, other wise it wouldn't be a donation.

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